Vignette of a wooden bedside table displaying a sculptural white vase with pink flowers, all in an all purple bedroom with various shades of purple.
A shot of the purple bedroom showing the entire bed, with a tufted end table, purple bedding, sculptural light fixtures on both sides of the bed, and a neon sign above the bed that reads “phantasmagoria”.
A tufted end table at the food of the bed in a red violet shade.
Close up of the bed with a custom, curved wooden headboard, sculptural light fixtures, the neon sign, and two toned plum wall colors.
A vignette of the side table on the opposite side of the bed, with a sculptural white vase and fluffy pink flowers, a white spider sculptural figurine, and a notepad.



Sarah Barnard is a WELL and LEED accredited designer and creator of environments that support mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

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