A woman sitting on a blanket under a geometric half-dome structure outdoors in the golden sunlight.
With Self. Sohani Holland (work in progress)

Mine and Yours Art Exhibition: Shifted to Digital, Galvanized by Quarantine and this Racial Justice Moment

July 10, 2020. Los Angeles, CA — Today, a digital exhibition in response to the pandemic and our collective reconsiderations of health, security, and social structures, Mine and Yours, launches online. The show runs till August 15, 2020.

“Considerate work around ideas of ownership, appropriation, belonging, and community — a fascinating group of diverse points of view,” said curator, Renae Barnard.

As digital platforms become increasingly critical community centers for sharing information and seeking support, we re-evaluate our physical spaces in the art world and beyond. Where digital platforms offer increased accessibility, there are still boundaries and limitations, from the necessity of internet access to the loss of the physical experience of moving through shared space and time.

Artists: Arezoo Bharthania, Ashton Phillips, Celena Rusalka, Debbie Carlson, Fang Li, Jessica Wimbley, Katie Smith + Renae Barnard, Kristin King, Sohani Holland, and YoungTseng will be sharing new work that explores these themes.

How do we replicate the intimacy of an in-person art-viewing online?

Of scale and closeness? The exhibition will include an immersive video of each artist’s work and their process to navigate the experiential shift to a digital platform.

The show is officially open at www.mineandyoursexhibition.com.

EVENT ADVISORY: We welcome you to join us for live artists talks, on July 18, 2020, at 6:00 PM, a unique opportunity to hear directly from the creators about their work and practice. The artist talks are free to attend. Preregistration is required.

Artist Spotlights:




“In the video Masking, 2020, I am asking a series of questions: How does the mask function as a medium in our lives, as a cultural and political signifier, a holder of memory? What does it mean to wear a mask, be seen in a mask, and the transformation that occurs in the experience? Relating to African traditions of the masquerade, in which the wearing of the mask is a spiritual experience, Masking 2020 uses found footage from news clips and the internet that articulate our current cultural milieu, juxtaposing the personal as a site of both shared and individual memory.”



20" W x 45" L x 84" H. acrylic, transferred image, vellum, yarn, and threads, tracing paper, fabric. (2020)

“The homes that I have inhabited across geographies represent a multilayered construction of identity influenced by interdependent forces that define roles, govern behaviors, and order power relationships. The Iranian identity I carry in the United States relies heavily on my history as an immigrant. Utilizing my personal history as a filter, my work honors the common experiences and materials of everyday life from which people build a home. This includes personal human experiences of love, work, observation, memory, emotion, sensation, nostalgia, and desire, and the universal struggle to pull forth vivid memories that have been reduced to flashing glimpses as time creates distance between past experience and current life.”


With Self

artist’s height in diameter. circular weaving- five types of jute twine/rope sun dyed with jacquard solar fast dyes, geodesic climbing dome.

“My choice of materials is influenced by my childhood in both New York City and rural Illinois. Bold colors and prints from India and Ghana are paired with wheat-colored jute and tree branches. The duality of growing up with subways, street art, and city parks, as well as simple summer nights on the porch watching birds fly home for sunset, is mirrored in my art locations. It is through the consistent exposure to diversity, culture, and craft that my affinity for preserving handmade techniques permeates into my art process. “

Mine and Yours is a mixed media exhibition shared through a website and a live event.