NKBA Honors Sarah Barnard with “Praiseworthy Pick” for 2021’s Person of the Year Award

Barnard was selected as a praiseworthy pick due to her innovative and influential approach to design focused on wellness and sustainability. Being both WELL & LEED accredited, Sarah Barnard sets the example for California design by creating livable spaces that benefit both our bodies and the environment.

Working with clients who prioritize personal and environmental wellness, Barnard encourages inclusive collaborations where clients feel safe to share details about their lives and unique preferences. By exploring solutions that fully support her client’s lifestyle, Barnard provides an approach to design centered around their physical and emotional needs. Additionally, her studio embraces the principle of one size fits one — every person has individual needs and will require an individualized space for optimal health and happiness.

In particular, Sarah Barnard’s designs promote a relationship with nature, a connection known to help people feel calmer, happier and healthier. When nature isn’t available, incorporating art into clients’ homes can help improve wellbeing. There have been studies about the reaction we have when viewing artwork, finding that beautiful art activates pleasure centers in the brain similar to falling in love.

Barnard also emphasizes the importance of sourcing non-toxic materials to produce environments that optimize our home health. For example, creating a space with improved indoor air quality can help to better sleep, reduce headaches, and in some cases, may help with allergies and breathing.

Sarah Barnard’s notable accomplishments from 2021 are her bathroom designs created to serve as a peaceful retreat from the current world. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, homes must now work harder to meet the needs of families. Stay-at-home orders removed many former sources of relaxation, and some clients feel as though the days of enjoying a spa in a group setting are gone forever. Because bathrooms are one of the few spaces in a home affording privacy, Barnard focuses on creating tranquil bathroom retreats that enrich daily moments of ritual and calm.

She recently designed a bathroom looking to pollinators as inspiration. The bathroom is honey-toned, with gold and copper-hued wall tile, warm lighting inspired by honeycombs, and has custom floor tiles made with marble and inlaid bees. The bathroom design is rooted in biophilic principles, inspiring a renewed nature-brain connection with each visit.

When personalized functionality, a visual connection to nature, and a non-toxic environment work together, design can help contribute to healthier, happier lives.

NKBA’s praiseworthy pick recognizes Sarah Barnard as a leader in Kitchen and Bath design nationwide. Barnard’s involvement with NKBA is longstanding, and she recently spoke at the KBIS Voices from the Industry event on “ Creating Inclusive Environments.” To learn more about how Barnard’s team of wellness focused Los Angeles interior designers can create a custom-tailored space to meet your specific needs, please book a consultation.

Sarah Barnard is a WELL and LEED accredited designer and creator of environments that support mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. She creates highly personalized, restorative spaces that are deeply connected to art and the preservation of the environment. An advocate for consciousness, inclusivity, and compassion in the creative process, Sarah’s work has been recognized by Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, Real Simple, HGTV and many other publications. In 2017 Sarah was recognized as a “Ones to Watch” Scholar by the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).

Originally published at https://www.sarahbarnard.com on October 5, 2021.




Sarah Barnard is a WELL and LEED accredited designer and creator of environments that support mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

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Sarah Barnard Design

Sarah Barnard Design

Sarah Barnard is a WELL and LEED accredited designer and creator of environments that support mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

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